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So I bought a domain name and some hosting. This is the last post I’ll make here. You can find my new blog at Okay, cool, bye. Advertisements

I’m sorry, blog. You’ve been neglected, I know… but I plan to change! I know I’ve said it before, but this time I really do mean it! I bought you a new home and all, you just wait and see! *crickets*



It would seem that things did not go according to plan after all. School got in the way, and it has been difficult to think about anything but that for the past few months. Now that I have some time off, I no longer have any excuses for getting this show on the road. It […]

Alright, so sue me. It has been a few months since my only (& quite lonely) post was written. I’m sorry for neglecting you, blog. You had barely a taste of life before it was all taken away from you. Can you find it in your bloggy heart to forgive me? …you can? Well then, […]

I’ve been meaning to set up a personal blog for myself for a long time, but, for some reason or another (mainly due to procrastination), I haven’t been able to get around to it. One of my resolutions for the New Year is to start to write again, and I thought a blog would be […]